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The Holy Face of Jesus from the image of Veronica's veil
(The veil is kept in St. Peters Basilica, Rome.)



(Applicable to the souls in purgatory.)

PLENARY INDULGENCES - 1. On the day of admission; 2. At the hour of death; 3. For every yearly pilgrimage made to the Oratory of the Holy Face; 4. On the feast of St. Peter, or on a day during the Octave; 5. On the feast of the Transfiguration, only day during the octave; 6. On Passion Sunday, or any other day fixed by the Ordinary.

In order to gain these last 3 indulgences, it is necessary to visit the seat of their Confraternity.

PARTIAL INDULGENCES - 7 years and 7 quarantines for each assistance at the monthly reunions.

60 days: 1. For each pious exercise performed at the seat of the Confraternity; 2. For any other work of piety offered in union with the object of the Association; 3. Each time a member devoutly kisses the effigy of the Holy Face repeating the invocation: Lord, show us that thy Face, and we shall be saved.

100 days for every prayer said before in effigy of the Holy Face. (Pius IX. December 11, 1876.)

40 days each time a member assists at any of the daily morning or evening exercises in the chapel of the Holy Face at Tours. (The Archbishop of Tours, November 15th 1876.)

The above indulgences which require that a visit should be made to the church, maybe gained by sick persons by virtue of some other act prescribes by the confessor. (Brief of the 30th March 1885.)

N. B. - The associates will endeavor to be faithful to their pious engagements, although these engagements, as they all know, do not impose an obligation of conscience, that is to say, do not oblige under penalty of sin.


I. To wear on their persons a picture of the Holy Face, to kiss it devoutly the 1st thing in the morning on awaking and at night before going to sleep, to consecrate their actions during the day to the divine Face, to resolve to perform them in its presence and before its eyes.

II. At the commencement of their prayers, or of any exercise of piety, has an easy means of placing themselves in the presence of God, and of combating distractions, to think of the Holy Face whose eyes are open and fixed upon us, to adore it with faith, to look at it with love.

III. In presence of the Blessed Sacrament, to recall to our remembrance the fact that the Face of the Savior is present there in the sacred Host: that it sees us, listens to us, blesses us, speaks to us interiorly.

IV. To endeavor in their conduct to imitate the virtues of patience, of gentleness, of serenity, of modesty, which shine in the Holy Face. Listen to the divine Master who said learn of me, and seeing me, that I am meek in face and humble of heart: knowing that, in fact the gentleness and humility of the heart of Jesus are, as in a very clear mirror, admirably reflected on the Face of the Man God.

V. In trials, sicknesses, accidents, temptations, to prostrate themselves before the picture of the Holy Face whether in their private Oratory, or above all, in the church of the Confraternity where it is specially exposed.

VI. To have in their houses a picture of the Holy Face which they shall honor as the protector of the family and the Guardian of the domestic hearth; to recite before it the prayers which are habitually said in common by the household.

VII. When they shall hear any blasphemies pronounced, or shall see and act of impious sacrilege which they cannot prevent, to recollect themselves and to pronounce with their hearts, if they cannot with their lips, the words: Behold, O God, our protector, and look upon the Face of thy Christ, or: May the Name of the Lord be blessed! Sit Nomen Domini benedictum!

VIII. To propagate the worship of the Holy Face in their locality, amongst their friends and acquaintances, and to make use of it in order to combat, in every possible manner, the terrible effects of indifference and irreligion.


Source: Manual of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face, 1887