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The Holy Face of Jesus from the image of Veronica's veil
(The veil is kept in St. Peters Basilica, Rome.)


Pamphlets In Various Languages

Below are links to our Holy Face Pamphlet (offered in many languages) which Immaculate Heart of Mary Apostolate sends out with all blessed Holy Face crosses and chaplets. We are making the pamphlets available in Microsoft Word (DOC) format and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for you to distribute as you wish.

The pamphlets were created to be printed on Legal size paper (8 1/2 x 14). Simply download any pamphlet by clicking a link below. If it does not download by clicking, you may need to right click on a link and select "Save As" to save it to your system. Note you will need Microsoft Word to view the DOC pamphlet and/or Adobe Reader to view the PDF pamphlet. Your web browser may display the PDF version automatically if your web browser has the correct plug-in.

After downloading a pamphlet, you may print it on your printer, or have it printed at a local printing store. Note there is a front and a back (2 pages) to the pamphlet. After printing a pamphlet, fold it three times (between the columns) so that the Holy Face picture appears on the front after folding.

The pamphlets below were translated from English to many languages by human translators. If you see any errors in any of the pamphlets, would like a pamphlet in another language, or would like to volunteer translating our pamphlet to another language not already listed below, please contact us!

Feel free to distribute these pamphlets as you wish to help spread the Holy Face Devotion worldwide! Thank you.

Pamphlet Updated for use with our updated chaplet as of October 2015


Holy Face Pamphlet in English DOC / PDF DOC / PDF
Holy Face Pamphlet in Spanish DOC / PDF DOC / PDF
Holy Face Pamphlet in French Need volunteer to translate this text DOC / PDF
Holy Face Pamphlet in German Need volunteer to translate this text DOC / PDF
Holy Face Pamphlet in Italian DOC / PDF DOC / PDF
Holy Face Pamphlet in Romanian DOC / PDF DOC / PDF
Holy Face Pamphlet in Tagalog / Filipino Pending DOC / PDF
Holy Face Pamphlet in Portuguese Looking for volunteer Looking for volunteer


Other handouts we send with our mailings Word (DOC) format Adobe (PDF) format
Flyer 1 DOC PDF
Flyer 2 DOC PDF