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The Holy Face of Jesus from the image of Veronica's veil
(The veil is kept in St. Peters Basilica, Rome.)




Leo XIII Pope.

For a perpetual remembrance.

We have been informed that, by our apostolical letters, dated 9th of December 1884, plenary and partial Indulgences were accorded to the pious Confraternity of the Holy Face, canonically established in the town of Tours. This said Confraternity has now addressed a petition to us, requesting that, for the greater spiritual good of the faithful and the salvation of souls, we would deign to enrich it still more by fresh treasures of celestial gifts. Therefore acceding to this pious request and being charged to open with tender charity the heavenly treasures of the Church, in order to promote the faith of our people and the salvation of souls;

I. We mercifully grant in the Lord, every year, on the day of the feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ, or on any one of the days of the octave which may be fixed upon, a plenary indulgence and the remission of all their sins to the faithful who are now, or who may henceforth become members of the above named Confraternity, provided that being sincerely penitent, and having confessed and communicated, they shall devoutly visit the public Oratory dedicated to the Holy Face in the town of Tours, and that they there pray for the concord of Christian princes, the extirpation of heresies, the conversion of sinners and the exaltation of holy mother Church;

II. Moreover to the same faithful, who, on any day whatever of the year which they shall choose, shall make a pilgrimage to the Oratory, whether in groups or singly, and shall there devoutly visit the picture of the Holy Face, and shall receive holy Communion and shall pray there in the manner stated above, we also grant, in the Lord, once a year, a plenary indulgence, in the remission of all their sins;

III. In addition, to the same associates, who, being at least of contrite heart, shall assist at the monthly meeting of the Confraternity, held either in the above mentioned Oratory, or in any church whatever, we remit in accordance with the usual form, 7 years and 7 quarantines of the penances which may have been enjoined upon them, or which are otherwise obligatory upon them, in any manner soever.

IV. We also consent that all and each one of these Indulgences, remissions of sins and dispensations from penances, may be applied, by way of suffrage, to the souls of the faithful who have departed from this world, united to God, by charity.

V. Lastly, by the tenour of these presents, we give to the above mentioned associates the faculty, if the weak state of their health prevents them from visiting their Oratory, in order to gain the plenary or partial indulgences, the power, freely and lawfully, with the permission and according to the judgment of their confessor, to change this act of piety for some other good work.

These presents are valid for 7 years only.

Given at Rome, near St. Peter, under the seal of the fisherman, the 30th March 1885, being the 8th year of our Pontificate.

Place of the seal.

Cardinal Ledochowski

Examined and permitted to be executed:

Tours, 22nd April 1885.

J. Buisson, vic. gen.

Source: Manual of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face, 1887