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The Holy Face of Jesus from the image of Veronica's veil
(The veil is kept in St. Peters Basilica, Rome.)

How You Can Help Our Apostolate!

We currently have a few volunteers who make the majority of chaplets for our apostolate, so for the time being we no longer have an urgency for chaplet makers. We will update this page should that need change. In the meantime we will leave the chaplet making guidelines for volunteers posted below should anyone still want to utilize them.

Our primary need for help currently is for translators to translate our pamphlet into other languages. Please see our Holy Face Pamphlet page for details.

Thank you!

Chaplet Making Guidelines for Volunteers:

1. Look at the photo of our chaplet (or request one from us), so you can see how they are made. Note that we have always used cord style chaplets, but if you make other types, such as chain-link, those are also acceptable.

2. For cord style chaplets, if you have never made them before, watch a video online such as at Our Lady's Rosary Makers website (olrm.org), or see other videos on YouTube.

3. Purchase beads and other needed supplies from a website such as www.rosarymakingparts.com or www.catholicparts.com. If you need us to cover the cost of supplies or shipping beforehand, please contact us, or you may donate them. Realistically any color beads can be used, but we prefer all white. For the Holy Face medal, we currently use the medal labeled "M03" at www.holyface.com.

4. Send us a photo of your first completed chaplet. Assuming we are happy with the results, mail us any future chaplets to the address on our Contact Page. Once we receive your chaplets, we will have them blessed and mail them out worldwide as requests come in.

Thank you again for considering helping us!

Immaculate Heart of Mary Apostolate